Solar Pool Heating Benefits

For all the reasons you own a pool…

Plain and simple, we love swimming pools.  There is something truly magical about having your very own oasis just footsteps from your back door.  As any pool owner knows, a pool is more than just a pretty piece of landscaping.  It’s a refreshing cool-down on a hot summer day, a backyard pool party with friends and family, the perfect low-impact way to stay in shape,  and a place for enjoying quiet moments and relaxation at the end of a long day. For all these reasons and more, pool ownership is an investment in a lifestyle that yields great returns.

But, if your pool is too cold to swim in, you are simply not maximizing your return on investment. Though a heater can extend your swimming season – helping you to swim longer and more comfortably – heating with a natural gas, electric, or propane pool heater can be extremely cost-prohibitive. Using fossil-fuel to heat our swimming pools has become a luxury most can no longer afford.

You can take back control of your pool with an Ultrasun Solar Pool Heater.

By harnessing a free, limitless supply of thermal energy from the Sun, it’s possible to enjoy your pool for all its worth – without the high energy bills.

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